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and jennifer longworth. longworth taught at a nearby elementary school where dozens of her students and parents mourned her passing. >> she was very nice and would always read us stories and would always hand out candy. >> my son had her in second grade and she did so much for him. she's done so much for all the kids there. >> reporter: a congressman said a bomb or meth lab explosion has been ruled out. >> how a harness that was meant to protect a student was actually used to harm him. >>> he said this was self-defense but the charge has youth football coach is facing after a sideline shove to an opposing player. >>> surveillance cameras onboard a school bus revealed a 13-year-old autistic boy being abused. the teacher began choking him after he urinated on himself. kept of grabbing at his hurt neck when he got home. the boy's mother said the harness, which was used to protect her son, was instead used to strangle him. >> my son kept reaching back trying to release it because he was hurting. he's screaming. >> the bus aide has been identified as darryl leon blue and has been arrested and charge
but counting on an upset. our kate longworth landed in baltimore and has this in-depth report. >> reporter: his teammates call him the fastest guy on the team. but does taiwan jones have what it takes to carry the team in baltimore on sunday? only time will tell. the third string running back due to injuries will get his first chance on sunday. the first chance to show what he can do. he has just one carry on the season that came last week. he netted only two yards. but he hopes going up against the ravens who rank 28th against them, this will be his opportunity to shine. >> i can't wait. i mean, he's so electric -- electrifying. he puts his foot on the ground and goes. he wiggles out of hits, wiggles out of tackles. can't wait it throw him the ball, get him in the open field. you know, he's so much found watch in practice. like i said, it's been a long time coming. >> it feels good to see that a quarterback has faith in you. i've been patient. at this level you got to be patient. it's unfortunate that the injuries occurred, but you know, it's an opportunity for me. i'm going to try and make th
for jennifer longworth, a second grade teacher, and her husband, deon. she was one of the best teachers i have ever had >> the primary blast site is where the investigators are now. >> reporter: the public safety director gave us a close-up look at the damage. he says dozens of homes are not inhabitable. how confident now that this neighborhood is safe? >> obviously, they are not safe, until we have the all-clear from code enforcement and director of homeland security. but it's going to be a long process >> reporter: the residents here were escorted to their homes, where they had an hour to salvage what they could. >> i'm just not up for this. i'm a retiree, and with heart problems, and this is the last thing i needed. >> reporter: officials at the gas company say they have not found any leaks in the system, nor were any reported in the days up until the blast. meanwhile, the investigation continues, no cause known as of now, brian. >> all right, ron allen in indianapolis tonight, ron, thank you >>> it has been two weeks since hurricane sandy came to shore in the northeast. there are still ten
longworth. gruden spent four seasons as raiders head coach. don't forget later tonight. cal and oregon state will have complete hive lights. of that game as well. but diane, nice gesture by gruden. to light the flame. that means a lot to a lot of rader fans. >> all right. thank you, henry. >>> 1,000 families in oakland are able to enjoy a turkey dinner this thanksgiving. thanks to a dinner basket give away. for the past two weeks, lower income families, signed up to participate in the give away. 1,000 families, picked up their baskets. complete with a turkey and trimmings for a holiday feast. >> but the idea that's we want to encourage families to come together and share a meal. thanksgiving is a wonderful time to do that. >> of giving thanks program. fifth year. put on by oakland city council member. sports agent. erin goodwin. with 1,000 families served. translates, 5,000 to 6,000 people. still to come. the latest on the storm headed to the bay area. plus how the stormy weather made for a scary situation for the surfer on the coast. president obama headed for asia. while he is there he'll
suffered the high ankle sprain. that leaves the raiders extremely anyone in the backfield. longworth in alameda has more on the raiders. >> thurts, you know. it hurts, but there are things we have to get corrected and at the end of the day their guy made the play and we didn't. >> the area native doug martin rushed for a franchise record 251 yards against the raiders. for a team that had made recent strides on the run defense, the learning curve continues. >> i think they did a nice job of executing what they were trying to do. we got cut out of the backside a couple of times on one of the long runs. it boils down to the ability to get off blocks and tackle and didn't do it well enough yesterday. >> despite having the lead at halftime, the raiders struckled after the break as they were outscored 21-0 in the third quarter. >> we've been in every single game for the first half, and then there's the games that we've lost. the third quarter has been what's really hurt us. so i don't know that it's a magical formula, but we have to play a lot better. >> coach allen addressed the raiders o
was alice longworth. princess alice, they called her. in our day, she was the cat's meow in washington. she said -- she had a pillow that said "if you do not have anything nice to say to anybody, come and sit next to me." [laughter] she was wonderful to listen to as long as she wasn't saying anything bad about you. but she came to our wedding. i mean, she was fascinating. imagine, teddy roosevelt's daughter -- you talk about a rebel. susan and i were just pussycats. are father said i can either be president or i can take care of alice. [laughter] her father said you may not smoke under my roof, so she smoked of the roof. [laughter] she had a little green snake which was called emily spinach which she put on her shoulder. mind you, you're talking about 1910 -- that time. she was really something. of course, i thought she was a great role model. [laughter] >> well, and i got a note from her when we moved into the white house and the note said, "have a hell of a good time." i did my darndest. when we did the ladies journal article, she was still alive. >> you worked on an article together. >>
and her husband who were killed in an explosion in indianapolis. jennifer longworth taught school at southworth elementary for 12 years. she and her husband lived in one of the homes that was destroyd in a blast that rocked an indianapolis neighborhood on saturday night. >> when i found out she died i really tried. she would always read stories. >> she loved her job. >> a real loss to the community. hundreds of people have been forced from their homes. following an explosion investigators say it could take weeks before they know what caused that explosion. >> a police station became the scene of the crime when a fatal shoot out occurred between officers and a 64-year-old suspect. the man walked inside approached the front desk and pulled out his gun. >> he had a blank stair on his face. the officers order the suspect several times to drop the weapon. the suspect refused and pointed the weapon at the officer and shot. >> an officer was injured and is in fatal condition. the office believes he was suicidal. >> they drum up support for the president's tax plan. the president meets wi
for the couple killed in the explosion, john and jennifer longworth. >>> and now the countdown to thanksgiving. aaa says a whopping 43.6 million americans will travel 50 miles or more this week. the vast majority, 90%, will be driving and from weather to gridlock and this year from travel to gas, american families are in for quite a trip. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: this woman is a travel pro. she and the kids are making the drive to see loved ones in indiana today to avoid the mayhem of motorists later this week. >> it's going to get crazy. trying to get off in the rest areas, it's just people everywhere. >> reporter: they joined some 39 million others who will be clogging roadways this thanksgiving holiday and as the stress on the roads begin, some relief at the pump. gas prices down 5 cents in the last two weeks. but thanksgiving carves out a week of worries on roadways, and with all of these families getting in their cars, the number of incidents will skyrocket this week, so here are a few things you should look out for. like traveling on unfamiliar roadways, not knowing the lay
. >> reporter: the news broke a few hours after the funeral of jennifer and dion longworth, who were killed in the explosion. the loss has not gone unnoticed in who may have killed the second grade teacher and her husband. >> there is a search for truth. and there is a search for justice. >> reporter: authorities are now zeroing in on the people scene in a white van the afternoon of november 10th. it's believed those individuals may be connected or responsible for the death and destruction which impacted more than 200 people. >> we urge anyone with information about this matter to contact crimestoppers. >> police are offering a couple of rewards. hoping that the cash will get people to talk or provide a tip that will lead to the closing of this case. in indianapolis, rafael sanchez, abc news. >>> well, it's been nearly two decades. and still, the o.j. simpson murder case is making headlines. a new documentary suggests that simpson's ex-wife, nicole brown, and ron goldman, were actually the victims of a serial killer, this guy, who confessed to their murders. glen rodgers is on death row. cl
shoemaker of atf, authorized a reward up to $10,000. >> reporter: 34-year-old john longworth and his wife jennifer were killed in the explosion that leveled two homes and severely damaged dozens more. >> today i went to the funeral mass, and during that mass i was having trouble within myself coming to a sense of peace and reconciliation. i could not even imagine what the families are going through if i could not do it. >> reporter: it is unclear what the motive may have been for such a horrific crime, and police would not say if they have identified specific suspects. neighbors left behind are stunned wondering who could do such a thing. and worried it might happen again. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >>> what a chilling turn in that case. and important legal note to pass on. under indiana law, a murder charge could be filed in connection with the death -- at least two deaths in this case, if they find the explosion was the result of arson here. they do find the person responsible for this, they could be charged with murder. >> and the cruel irony of the timing of this, the revela
in the explosion, john and jennifer longworth. eric shawn our new york newsroom. he has the late is. >> reporter: they are horrified and bewildered about what happened. authorities are focusing on a mysterious white van, about 15 years old with no windows. neighbors say that white van was parked for weeks in front of the house that exploded. that blast saturday afternoon, a week and a half ago flattened five homes, damaged 81 others and killed that married couple next door. the owner of the house and her husband are divorced and they had filed for bankruptcy. her ex-husband told police that he received a text message from their 12-year-old daughter saying something was wrong with the furnace in the house and she smelled gas. at the time of the explosion miss shirley was not at home, she was at a casino with a boyfriend. the daughter was not in the house either. the couple next door were killed. she was a second grade teach store made gifts for her student while her husband was an electronics expert who worked@a home entertainment community. their funeral was yesterday and among the mourners was
tds. bucs win 42-32. first time they ever won in oakland. kate longworth has more. >> reporter: it was a frustrating afternoon in oakland as a collate comeback attempt fell short and the raiders failed to get their record to 500. >> difficult game. obviously to come back and then to not finish was difficult but we fought. showed a lot of heart. but didn't make enough plays when it was said and done. >> we didn't make enough plays to win the game but we were successful in moving the football. our team hung in there and battled an tried to come back and a came up short. >> when doug martin torched the raiders for 251 rushing yards their own running back left in the same quarter. x-raies on mcfadden's ankle were negative but there is no questioning hi importance to the team. >> he is a good player. at times we haven't been able to run the ball well but he goes back there and grinds it out. he takes hit after hit. his leadership in practice and the way he brings it every day. i have a lot of respect for that guy. >> you can't put a value on the best running back the game. when he i
yards for the touchdown. saints win 38-17. longworth has more from the coliseum. >> in the last three dpams, oakland's defense has allowed 135 points in three straight losses. that's the most.sallowed by any team in the nfl in a three-game stretch since 2004 and the most from the silver and black since the '60s. >> frustrated they had a painful loss. we knew we had a hot team, a team on a roll and a team that is a super bowl contender comes in our place in front of our fans. we had a great crowd today. they were in to it. we let ourselves down. >> what you are talking about is consistency. that's what we have to do together. it is not just this guy over here or there, it's all three phases. special teams, defense and offense. all three coming together to play consistent for the 60 minutes. >> we are all frustrated and i understand and appreciate that. what i will say is there is nobody that will work harder than we are to try to get it connected. >> filling in is mar sell reese who turned in another career performance on sunday accounting for 193 of the raid evers 404 total yards. >>
longworth they live next door to the house where police think this blast originated. >> the people who lived in that house were out of town their daughter was at a friend's house and the pet was boarded at the time of the explosion. there's no word if the cops have any sues respects and no arrests have been made. >>> details of the investigation cannot be shared at this time we urge any one with information about this matter to contact crime stoppers. specifically if any one has information about a white van we urge you to contact crime stoppers a neighbor told police he saw the white van driven by the man who lived in the house. they were also seen walking away from the home. they are offering 10,000 dollar award for information leading to an arrest. the cause still not determined at this point natural gas could not be a possibility. it had been for sale for about a year and taken off the market this past spring. >> it is time to brew on this. here's what we would like you to brew on today. >> on to you is born this day in the city of david a savior christ the lord. this should be a sign un
. but never before have their be naked protests in congress. today, the longworth congress building protesting spending cuts on the far side of the fiscal cliff and what that would mean for aids funding specifically, there was a nude awakening. aids protesters marching into house speaker john boehner's office to give him the naked truth. boehner, boehner, don't be a sick. budget cuts will make us sick. the budget cuts are really rude, that's why we have to be so lewd. they were trying to lay bare the potential cuts for aids, the protests also served to put a naked spotlight on a major statement expected tomorrow from secretary of state hillary clinton. on the occasion of world aids day, secretary clinton is due to unveil an aids free generation. secretary clinton will make that announcement on thursday morning, but in advance of that renewed commitment to fighting aids, this group, which is known for memorable protests any way, found a way to be more memorable today. one of the groups involved in today's event tweeted, watch naked aids activists take over boehner's office at congress. that was
confirmed they are a local schoolteacher, jennifer longworth and her husband deion. investigators say the devastation spread for blocks in every direction. with at least five homes destroyed. more than two dozen badly damaged. some even knocked from their foundations. and each and every one now being carefully inspected. >> they'll work on each one of houses. >> be careful and not say it's a gas explosion, because we don't know that right now. >> that neighborhood remains sealed off today. some residents are being allowed to go back in but only with a police escort to collect essential items that may have survived that terrible blast. >>> breaking news, a scare at a local college campus. >>> this florida woman was the key to revealing the david petraeus cheating scandal, threatening e-mails she started to receive started to unravel the affair. >>> federal workers had the day off but metro's weekend schedule had hundreds of commuters fuming today. >>> get ready for a big chill. you won't see today's temperatures for quite some time. >>> good evening. i'm wendy rieger. >> and i'm jim ha
". ♪ how sweet the sound. >> gretchen: jennifer longworth taught for years and she and her husband lived in one of the homes that was destroyed by the blast and rocked the indianapolis neighborhood. >> i out she cried. -- i cried. >> hundreds of people were forced from their homes. investigators say it could be weeks before they know why. >> thousands of people in long island, new york remain without power. long island power authority said they need to speed up the process by going on line. they can hire an electrician to inspect the homes. hundreds of people protested over what is a two-week delay. there are 64,000 people in long island without power and 120,000 people york and new jersey . nascar meets the wwe. jeff gordon's wreck called a brawl in phoenix. watch this. the fight starts and one of the men grabbed gordon from behind. even the drivers. nascar is looking into the incident before handing out punishment. is it boyier. there is a w in there. bower. and look at that. an all out brawl. >> steve: like a hockey game. >> gretchen: people are thankingar military veterans for servic
for jennifer longworth, a elementary school teacher. the other person killed reported in that explosion was her husband. they were in the home right next to the blast. people at the elementary school say jennifer longworth was a wonderful person. martha: what a tragedy, awful story. mike we'll learn more in the coming hours and days. thank you so much. mike tobin. >> reporter: you got it. gregg: there are new questions today about the scandal surrounding general david petraeus announced days after the election but known by the fbi way before that. they were working on this thing during the summertime. some in washington saying that the timing here is fishy. former cia director will join us with his take on a scandal that has the intelligence community reeling. >> we reno advance notice. it was like a lightning bolt. [ malannouncer ] it'that time of year again. time for cii price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you really don't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and it finds one, you get r
and jennifer longworth. a couple lived next door to shirley's home, leveling the longworth's home, and scorching 86 others. shirley and her family were not home at the time. >> my neighbor called me. said, where are you? i'm glad you're alive. i'm devastated, like everybody else. >> reporter: for more than a week, investigators from six different agencies have been combing through the destruction, looking for answers. >> it's a large, explosive scene. so we have debris scattered for quite a ways. it is complex. we have to put all the pieces together, including the human factor. >> reporter: assistant prosecutor denise robinson has said that surge has led them to zero in on a suspicious white van, spotted in the neighborhood the day of the blast. >> we do have individuals of interest that we're looking at. obviously, we're focused on the white van and the occupants. >> reporter: neighbors say the news only confirms their suspicions. >> this did not come as a surprise because we thought something like this was more than just an accident. >> reporter: and many neighbors here just hop
. >> it was very exciting. as a matter of fact, the previous big wedding was alice longworth. princess alice, they called her. in our day, she was the cat's meow in washington. she said -- she had a palo that said if you do not have anything nice to say to anybody, come and sit next to me. [laughter] she was wonderful to listen to as long as she wasn't saying anything bad about you. but she came to our wedding. i mean, she was fascinating. imagine, teddy roosevelt's daughter -- you talk about a rebel. susan and i were just pussycats. are father said i can either be president or i can take care of dallas. [laughter] her father said you may not smoke under my roof, so she smoked of the roof. [laughter] she had a little green snake which was called emily spinach which she put on her shoulder. mind you, you're talking about 1910 -- that time. she was really something. of course, i thought she was a great role model. [laughter] >> well, and i got a note from her when we moved into the white house and the note said, "have a hell of a good time." i did my darndest. when we did the ladies journal ar
. >> it was very exciting. the previous a big wedding was longworth. princess alice they called her. in our day, she was the cat's meow. she had a pillow that says if you do not have anything nice to say about anybody, come and sit next to me. [laughter] she was wonderful to listen to as long as she was not telling you anything bad about you. she came to our wedding. she was fascinating. imagine teddy roosevelt's daughter. talk about a rebel. suzanne and i were just pussycats. her father said, you may not smoke under my roof. so she smoked on the roof. [laughter] she has a little green snake that was called emily spinach, which he put on her shoulder. mind you, you are talking about 1910 or 1908, that time. she was really something. of course i thought she was a great role model. >> i get a note from her when we moved into the white house and it said, "have a hell of a good time." [laughter] i photographed her and you interviewed her. >> i wrote it and she photographed it. we had fun. 1976. it was about the presidential children. it was amazing the number of us that were still alive. no one had
and jenniferlo longworth, injuring seven others. >> garage doors blown in. windows blown in, houses leveled. nothing left. >> reporter: this morning, authorities are trying to figure out what touched off the blast which could be heard for miles. >> we can't speculate on what the cause of the blast was, whether natural gas or some other source. >> reporter: witnesses say it happened around 11:00 p.m., more than 100 firefighters responded to the scene at nearly 200 residents quickly ran into nearby streets. >> it splintered my door. it was like a war zone. >> doors what falling down, glass everywhere. >> reporter: officials say as many as 80 40e78 zhomes have be affected. estimates damage of $3.6 million. we saw the damage first hand. >> you can see there's bulldozers out here. people are working trying to get everything cleaned up. what used to be five homes that are nothing more than rubble. and you can see the cleanup here is going to take quite some time. >> reporter: and police still have not identified the victims. but this morning, "the indianapolis star" is reporting that the schools
. they live next door to john and jennifer longworth, the young couple who died in the explosion. indianapolis star they were told believe a gas or stove may have been tampered with in their home. >>> single-game scoring record. jack taylor in iowa, 138 points last night against faith baptist college. you heard that right. 138 points. made 52 of his 108 shots. that included 27 three-point baskets. the old record for ncaa game was 113 points set way back in 1954. they won the game 179-104. by the way, david larson of faith baptist scored 70 points. >> love it. >> it is time now to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. miami herald shows a 15-year-old boy is charged with manslaughter after a teenage girl was shot to death on a school bus. the shooting is being called an accident. police say the suspect pulled a gun out of his backpack on tuesday. a gun went off once hitting the 15-year-old victim in the neck. no one else was injured. >>> wall street journal reports portfolio manager accused of insider trading has ties to a very well known in
obliterated. next door is where relatives say dion longworth and his wife jennifer died, a beloved second grade teacher. >> she was never like yelling at anybody. she would always be nice and encouraging. >> reporter: investigators say dozens of homes may be uninhabitable, and fire or six beyond repair, headed for demolition. authorities are working to make the neighborhood safe, and while they think this explosion may have been caused by a gas leak, they are still trying to figure out what would ignite such a powerful blast. natalie? >> ron allen in indianapolis. thanks so much, ron. now for a look at what's trending today, our quick roundup of what has you talking online and the word of the gear is at this, an honor bestowed by the oxford dictionary. the word comes from the acronym for a compressed file format that is used to create the simple animations, including psy. these photos from last night's world premiere of the "twilight" saga "breaking down two" are heating up the web. kristen stewart wore a daring sheer gown on the red carpet and did show up on the arm of her perhaps on aga
longworth, the couple killed in a november so e explosion that destroyed five homes and damaged dozens. the couple lived next door to the house that investigators believe was the center of the explosion. late monday, city officials made a startling announcement. >> at this time, we are here to inform you we are turning this into a criminal investigation. >> the longworths lived next door to a house owned by monseray shirley. her boyfriend had recently replaced the thermostat on a malfunctioning thermos at the house. she and her boyfriend were not as home at the time of the blast. late monday night, the couple's attorney released a statement which read in part, monserrate shirley and mark leonard watched in be wilderment the news report that the authorities are now treating the investigation as a criminal investigation as well as a caution ailgation search. the two remain horrified at the destruction and loss of lives that occurred. they have cooperated fully with various investigators and agencies on multiple occasions and answered each and every question including speculation as to wh
the president is known for being rather dour. alice roosevelt longworth said it looked like she'd been weaned on the pickle, but this photograph dispels that notion. he was also a very interesting person and had a sense of humor, too. .. there is completion communitarians. perris in your report and go home. , there is a decision. lots of decisions to drop the town meeting. policy changes. it has nothing to do with recommendations are listening to people. it's to govern yourself and reach a decision. so you go into that town meeting in your tax rate is x and you come out and that's why. we bought a truck or decided not to. so that sends a message to the rest of the united states. you can govern locally. nationally it is almost a given that we can't, but you couldn't really do that. indeed you can. we do. a published susan clark, a book about town meetings, deliberation and reforms. all those in the paper, which was in the title. the force behind it. we're both were read that the town meeting tradition is suffering and that we needed to write a popular book, readable book. it's an argument for
longworth and her husband dion. investigators say the devastation spread for blocks in every direction with at least five homes destroyed. more than two dozen badly damaged. some even knocked from their foundations and each and every one now being carefully inspected. >> they will work at each one of the houses and just make a new ring and work outwards. >> reporter: be careful to say it's a gas explosion because we don't know that right now. >> reporter: the gas company says it has checked for leaks and hasn't found any and says there were no reports of suspicious odors before the blast. some residents have been allowed to return home with police escorts to retrieve a few items and take a first look, but area is closed off until investigators can determine the cause of the blast and make sure the neighborhood is safe. natalie? >> all right. ron allen in indianapolis, thanks so much, ron. >>> frustrations are brimming over in new york and new jersey where two weeks after superstorm sandy some 120,000 homes and businesses remain in the dark. this as the american red cross fights back at
to the longworth building i hear applause in the rotunda. this is pre-9/11. the president is going down a rope line shaking hands with all the visitors to the capitol that day. moms, dads, kids are getting to meet the president of the united states by good timing of being in the capitol. i'm standing at the house side of the rotunda with our then sergeant at arms and the president stops and said hello to bill. hello to me. and invited me to walk out to the motorcade with him. and the subject of the conversation was the passing of my dad. and how he dreads the thought of someday losing his dad and thankfully president bush 41, 88 and i know in the hospital right now but hopefully still going strong. it was amazing conversation. one president bush, a new president, showing concern for a freshman house member and my family and how my mom and i were doing with the loss of my dad, mom's husband, but it also spoke volumes about what an amazing country in which we live. my dad was one of nine kids who grew up in a rural house during the depression. five boys, four girls. five boys in one bedroom, four gir
of two residents. relatives confirm it is a local school teacher, jennifer longworth and her husband, deon. investigators say the devastation spread for blocks in every direction, with at least five homes destroyed. more than two dozen badly damaged. some even knocked from their foundations, and each and every one now being carefully inspected. >> they'll look at each one of the houses. >> be careful. it is a gas explosion, they don't know it. >> reporter: they think it was caused by gas, something exploding in a home unoccupied at the time, residents away on vacation, a home next door to the one where the two people died. meanwhile, again the area is sealed. police want to make sure it is safe. natalie? >> ron allen in indianapolis. thanks so much, ron. >>> frustrations brimming over new york and new jersey where two weeks after superstorm sandy 120,000 homes and businesses remain in the dark. this is american red cross and criticism to the response saying its work has been near flawless, but in some hard hit areas like breezy point new york, residents have seen no sign of the relie
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